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We like to keep the entire planning process enjoyable and focused on the reason why we're gathering, to celebrate the love between you and that sweet fiancé of yours!

 Every Blue Ribbon Couple is granted access to our customized planning portal. While there are a plethora of cute planning checklists online, our portal is far more robust and unlike what you'll find on Pinterest.

Our resources are curated by our experienced team and are adapted to fit each of our client's unique timelines and needs. 

It ensures a seamless experience and keeps all things wedding in one organized, easy to navigate space!


To Do List & Calendars

Completely customizable to our clients' needs, specific tasks can be edited, deleted, and assigned to members of our planning team, the bride, the groom, or anyone else you would like to grant access to this part of the portal. Comments, updates, and questions attached to the to-dos keep communication about our progress out of your email and all in one place. 

Budget Tool

Our online budget tool is extremely helpful in building and maintaining a clear picture of your overall and categorized target budgets. It also keeps us all on the same page with vendor payments made and pending. 

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Guest Tracking System

Our online guest tracking system keeps all RSVPs in one place and makes tracking dietary restrictions, meal options, and assigning table numbers a snap!

Online Design Boards

We are very visual and understand most brides get anxious wondering if all the details she's chosen will look right together on her wedding day. Our online design boards bring our couples' vision to life and create a place to see every detail from florals and linens, to welcome signs and guest books.

Blue Ribbon Weddings did such a great job of making sure everything ran smoothly day of (and in the planning stages as well!), and were never in the way or overbearing. They were like ninjas, always one step ahead of everything but always available when you need them and even when you didn’t know you needed them!
— Brittany Schetzle