Full Service Wedding Planner Orlando
Full Service Wedding Planner Orlando
Bella Collina Full Design & Planning Luxury Wedding

Sapphire Full Design + Planning

Lovely, you're going a mile a minute, hustling away in your career, being a reliable fun-loving friend, trying to stay healthy and fit, the list goes on and on! How in the world are you supposed to plan the biggest celebration of your life on top of your already maxed out schedule?

This is where we come in! We want to take that extra stress right off of your pretty little shoulders, so you can soak in all the goodness of your engagement! With your Blue Ribbon Weddings planning team steering the ship, we'll direct you through the entire planning process.  


We will: 

  • Select the best possible wedding vendor team 
  • Curate all the gorgeous details
  • Piece it all together with the most detailed event production schedule you ever did see
  • Direct your wedding weekend from start to finish

You will:

  • Sip champagne
  • Laugh with your favorite gals as you get pampered {read: your bridesmaids, mom, etc will NOT be setting up anything}
  • Kiss your husband
  • Dance with your favorite people in the whole world
  • Soak up every single second of your wedding celebration, knowing we've got this! 


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